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The team behind Jawr

Ibrahim Chaehoi [Current Project Leader]

I’m Ibrahim Chaehoi, IT Consultant. Like Jordi, I have a strong focus on user interaction and usability. I’ve worked on tag library for rich DHTML components using javascript, CSS, DHTML and AJAX. So I had to focus on client side optimization which brought me to Jawr. One of the primary goal, which I want to achieve with Jawr is to use it as a tool to provide complete rich DHTML component (tag library, Javascript, CSS and images) in jar libraries. I live in Paris, France.

Jordi Hernandez Selles

Jawr was originally created by Jordi Hernandez Selles.

I am an IT consultant with over seven years of experience in JEE and related technologies. I have a strong focus on user interaction and usability, so I have always focused on technologies such as javascript, CSS and DHTML (now called AJAX). I have engineered the web layer of several rich applications and found a lack of support for modularization of javascript code which I tried to solve with Jawr. I live in Madrid, Spain and work for GFI.

Matt Ruby

Matt is a husband, father, yo yo master, jQuery fanatic and Java programmer specializing in front end development. He has over 8 years experience building public facing websites. Matt lives in Minneapolis, MN and works at Room & Board (

“When I first discovered jawr, I felt as if Jordi was reading my mind! Every reservation I had, Jordi had already built a well documented solution.”